Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG)

The in perpetuity delivery of SANG alongside development has become a well recognised means of mitigating recreational impacts of the scheme on heathland European nature conservation sites. Holbury Consultancy Service Ltd has extensive experience of bringing SANG forward as part of a development proposal, and also the delivery of SANG once consent has been granted. Holbury offers the following services:

  • Identification of SANG land to bring forward as part of a development proposal. This may be a clients own land, or that of a 3rd party or may be a negotiation with the competent authority to pay a contribution as a proxy for SANG
  • Design and costing of effective SANG
  • Negotiation with Natural England and competent authority to agree SANG design and agree in perpetuity delivery mechanisms
  • Advice on delivery mechanisms and introduction to suitable SANG land management organisations if required
  • All documentation needed to support a planning application reliant on SANG
  • Project management of SANG implementation, inclusive of capital works, and on-going management works thereafter
  • Once operational, on-going liaison with all stakeholders, over-seeing SANG function and performance. Monitoring, reporting and working with SANG rangers and management staff to develop and progress
  • Advice on the use of spare SANG capacity as strategic SANG or as a commercial commodity to enable other third party developments


Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace

Examples of project experience:

  • Wellesley Woodlands, Aldershot. Worked with Grainger Plc to design, deliver and transfer 110ha of woodland SANG to the Land Trust. Working with Grainger in an on-going and overarching role to monitor and manage in partnership with the Land Trust and the Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership.

    Client: Grainger Plc

  • Blandford Woods SANG, Aldershot. Preparation of a SANG Delivery Strategy and Ecological Management Plan. Worked with Grainger plc to secure consent, negotiate handover to the Land Trust and oversee establishment works prior to transfer of the freehold.

    Client: Grainger Plc

  • Kippences SANG, Andlers Ash. Strategic advice to secure SANG as mitigation to housing development in Liss, secured and delivered as part of the Hillier business.

    Client: Hillier Ltd

  • Roeshot SANG, Christchurch. Designed and secured a 40ha SANG sitting as part of the Meyrick Estate. Now in the process of delivery.

    Client: Christchurch Environmental Management Ltd

  • Whitehill, Bordon. Review of emergent SANG strategy developed in support of site promotion for further housing (>1200), primary school and public open space.

    Client: the Land Trust on behalf of the Whitehill Boron Regeneration Company

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