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Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG)

The in perpetuity delivery of SANG alongside development has become a well recognised means of mitigating recreational impacts of the scheme on Natura 2000 sites. Holbury Consultancy Service Ltd has extensive experience of bringing SANG forward as part of a development proposal, and also the delivery of SANG once consent has been granted. Holbury offers the following services:

• Identification of SANG land to bring forward as part of a development proposal. This may be a clients own land, or that of a 3rd party or may be a negotiation with the competent authority to pay a contribution as a proxy for SANG.

• Design and costing of effective SANG

• Negotiation with Natural England and competent authority to agree SANG design and agree in perpetuity delivery mechanisms

• Advice on delivery mechanisms and introduction to suitable SANG land management organisations if required.

• All documentation needed to support a planning application reliant of SANG

• Project management of SANG implementation inclusive of capital works, and on-going management works thereafter.

• Once operational, on-going liaison with all stakeholders, over-seeing SANG function and performance. Monitoring, reporting and working with SANG rangers and management staff to develop and progress.

• Advice on the use of spare SANG capacity as strategic SANG or as a commercial commodity to enable other third party developments.

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